Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mega Post0

Ive got so many things to post.. might as well just do it all at once.

First the Jpi5 Boreal video Contest.. This is the Video for our team, Team Hot Mess Express..

Hot Mess Express from SPEC on Vimeo.

Featuring the riding of Ben Rice, Jake Devine, & Eric Messier. Filmed and Editited by Ryan Scardigli at Boreal

And... A little Time Lapse I shot from my roof.

Time Lapse of the Moon in Squaw Valley, California from SPEC on Vimeo.

VideoGrass/ Bozwreck 3000/ Fiz Show
Proud Winners of the Dance off
New Ashbury's!
The Crowd
The Fiz
Special thanks to Airblaster, Porters Tahoe, Ashbury, And The Comune.

Eagles Nest (top of KT-22, Squaw Valley) Is now McConkey's nest, in remembrance of Shane McConkey


caveman77 said...

i like the HOT MESS vid, good job boys! The night time idea was a good one. F the day time shoot with all the clowns!! Setting up yer own shiz was tight too. Grass ride was illin e-man. Jakes style is so buttery,damn! Diggles slayed the follow cams.

\\Make A Mess// said...

Thanks for the comments caveman! I like your positivity!!

caveman77 said...

go check out snowboard-mag.com: look at the How the Northwest was won video on the homepage. Manuel Diaz cliff gap to spine landing line, it has to be one of the illest cliff drops in a ski area ever! F-ing nutz mother fuckers!!!!