Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Win These This Saturday!!!

At the VG, Bozwreck, Big Trouble In Little Truckee, Fiz show!!
In Squaw Valley, Saturday September 26th

Dance Off For The Airblaster Kit!!! (Jacket, Pants, Goggles)

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Christoph said...

so i saw u ridin the other day and this question came to mind...why the hell would anyone...ever, not only give you free shit, but say they sponsor you? just a question. You dont do a goddamn thing except have somewhat long hair,which made the cut like 3 years ago, but now ur prolly out of a job. plus your socially awkward as hell and dont know how to talk to people, which is as much as you dont want to believe it, is part of the job. Nice way of siezing the oppertunity. deuche