Saturday, August 29, 2009

Videograss Has Arrived!!

Videograss is now shipping and should be available any day now. We got an early bootleg copy here at the office and I gotta tell you it's pretty much amazing! Shout outs to everybody in the whole dam movie because you fucking killed it!! Bennee, Bittner, Leblanc, Michilot, Dirks, Mathes, Hadar, Valaika! stand out parts (in my opinion) are Jonas Michilot (epic skate style maneuvers) and Darrell Mathes (full rounded part, strong style). I swear the rainbow comes out for this guy (No Homo) it actually did when i was watching his part yesterday, shined right onto the screen reflecting off a cd. As far as the music goes... There are NO bad songs! Best snowboard movie soundtrack I've ever heard!!! On mommas mommas!!! They used 2 songs that I sent them, LNP's Cramps song and the A-frames song from My part/Homies/Valaika's part. Big Shouts out to Justin Meyers! an instant classic!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mustachio Approved

I stumbled upon this image of my T9 pro model (that will never see the light of day) on some asian blog ( The only person I can think of that calls me "Mustachio" is J2....well who ever the artist be?.... Big Ups Mon